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6 de jun de 2011

Indicação Internacional

Agradecemos á  Elsa Drandaki da Grécia, pela citação, não só da Imperial Estanhos como também da nossa cidade, São João del-Rei.

The city is famous for its pewter and tin artisans who are found mainly in the historical center. They make tea and coffee sets, candle holders and vases and other tableware and utensils. Pewter, when new looks like silver and is very beautiful.
For a better understanding visit the factory John Sommers and the
Tin Museum.

Local artisans are also good at
curving wood making beautiful ceramics.

A well-known firm having shops in the area is “Imperial Pewter”. Rua da Prata 132A Tel:(32) 3372-1465
and Praca Embaixador Gastao Cunha, 85 (32) 3372-3519

In the photo it is the reflection of the square Emb.Gastao da Cunha on a pewter jug. On the right you can see the church of Rosario and on the left you can see me taking the photo.

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